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The Universe of Absurdity.

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The Universe of Absurdity.

Realities are constantly changing. Yesterday was one thing, tomorrow will be another. The river of life flows, and the years run by. Once upon a time, in a pioneer camp, I was called for the solemn raising of the red flag on my birthday. I hoisted the flag on the flagpole and gave a pioneer salute. It was the first religious act in my life. Now, however, I pray three times a day to the One and Almighty God. Back then, in my childhood, there were so many things around me that I had to learn. Now everything is known, and there remains only one Creator for me.

The Creator dictated His Torah to the prophet Moses. This holy book is immeasurably superior to all the books that have been written or will be written. And since the book is the best, the fee for it must be the highest. What fee did the Most High receive? His fee is the people who study the Torah and fulfill what is written in it.

Recently, I was chatting via ICQ with a Jewish person. His friends go to the Netherlands several times a year to take hallucinogenic mushrooms and embark on what is called a "journey" in slang.


The "journey" they embark on involves receiving certain tasks that they later fulfill while in a sober state of mind. For example, his nephew was tasked with quitting smoking, and he did quit. The Jewish person I was talking to was also inclined to go to the Netherlands for the "journey." I tried to convince him that studying Kabbalah is much more interesting and beneficial than mushrooms, citing my rich experience. However, he argued that mushrooms appeared before Kabbalah and that the world exists only in the fantasies induced by mushrooms.

I became acquainted with mushrooms in the following way. Once in St. Petersburg, I found myself in a bohemian club and met a girl named Anya. She was a bass guitarist. I liked the girl, and I started visiting the club every day. Anya, of course, sensed my interest in her and one day suggested going to a place outside the city to gather hallucinogenic mushrooms and "trip" on them. I had heard a lot about these mushrooms at the time, as they were very trendy in bohemian circles. A few days later, we met at the train station. It turned out that Anya had not only invited me but also another person. His name was Alexey, and he was rather colorless but very accommodating. The place we went to, the three of us, was very picturesque. On top of a hill stood a royal palace, and below the hill was a field called "The Labyrinth," where we were supposed to search for mushrooms. It was called "The Labyrinth" because ditches had been dug, turning the field into a maze. Of course, this was a legacy from the time of the monarchy and used to be entertainment for the aristocracy. At first, we followed the rules of the game and searched for mushrooms, paying attention to these ditches. Then we got lost in the field and started simply crossing over them. We gradually circled the entire field but only found a couple of mushrooms, which was not enough for even one dose. So, disregarding the mushrooms, we went to see the royal palace since it turned out to be a museum. We liked the palace, but there was some dissatisfaction because we couldn't gather enough mushrooms. We left the palace and headed towards the train station. Alexey decided to walk along the road through dense grass. Suddenly, he found a whole cluster of these mushrooms, which were actually amanita mushrooms. A little while later, we found enough for five doses. We decided not to postpone it any longer and took our doses. The effects started after about 15 minutes. I saw the house we were passing by suddenly transform into a beautiful castle with all sorts of whimsical towers. Overall, I felt like I was in a fairy tale. Everything around me was absolutely unreal. I won't describe our adventures, but I can say that we "traveled" until late in the evening. Although this "journey" probably differed from the one experienced by those who went to the Netherlands, as mushrooms can vary. The mushrooms we took are commonly called "fun mushrooms" in the folk parlance. They show the world from a humorous perspective.


In conclusion, I will describe two dreams that I had several years after taking the mushrooms. One dream is connected to the prophet Moses, whom I mentioned before. In Hebrew, he is called Moshe Rabbeinu, which means Moses our teacher.

The dream went like this: Some people appeared, and one of them said, "Talk to Moshe Rabbeinu. He still has 6,000 matters to attend to today." I saw a very tall and dignified man in front of me. After that, I found myself with Moses in a beautiful garden, and I asked him a question that was personal to me. Moshe answered the question and indicated that the use of narcotic substances has a very negative influence on health and, in particular, deteriorates memory.

The other dream had the following content: I found myself in a bohemian apartment and saw a person enter the apartment. I only saw his profile and realized that this person was completely moral. The owner of the apartment was next to me, so I asked him who the guest was. The owner casually said, "Oh, that's McCartney." After that, I walked with the person they called McCartney to the kitchen, and we sat across from each other. He handed me a cigarette filled with marijuana, which is called a joint in slang. I took the cigarette and looked into the eyes of the person who gave it to me. I saw remarkably kind and intelligent eyes. At first, I couldn't see them clearly and strained all my concentration abilities. Finally, after focusing properly, I saw that I was being looked at by boundless wisdom. It was none other than the Lord God Himself.




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