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Felt like I got into contact with something greater

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A few months back I asked my doctor to do acupuncture without the electrotherapy, and It was an insanely intense experience. I was fully awake, but perhaps I was in a dream. Either way I was lying down and I could feel every needle in my body pulsating at the same time as torrents of energy moved inside of me, and their movement had weight and pushed and pulled my body back and forth, making it feel like I was on a big wooden plank in the middle of the sea. 


That was an intense experience. I felt humbled afterwards, I was fully awake or aware, although my eyes were closed so maybe my mind was in the dreamworld the whole time. I have similar experiences in dreams, but in dreams I am sent rocketing through space. One time I was sent towards a circular void that mandalas of rainbow tendrils emanated out of. Pretty sure Qigong is for me. I struggle to get flow through the legs though, and use yoga for that more. 

I have religious friends who I talk about God with. Don't think I believe in GOD as some kind of agent, but as the all of what is happening, and I believe that Catholicism makes a mistake of anthropomorphising the whole thing. Been repeating a Koan in my head a lot too, the one about the original face. Got an online sangha for zen, but I'd like to come here too I think

Anyways I'm keen to explore this forum, glad I found it :)

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