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tigersmile here,

Just signed up, I have lurked now and again, looking for information and checking the vibe, over the years.

I bought the book about chigong  when I was in my early twenties, in college, and really enjoy standing like a tree. Consistency has always been my Achilles heel. Soon after that I bought The Way of Energy by Lam Kam Chuen, and really enjoyed the practices from that. Later on I was able to do some training  under one of his students, and was able to attend a seminar with master Lam himself. I have studied with Eva Wong and done 6 of her stages of practice. Again, inconsistently. Partially because I let myself endure about 6 years of intense stress and now my poor health makes it hard to do much. 
I learned Sundo practice from Hyooning Sunim, really enjoyed that as well. That was at a time in my life when I was doing 1 hour or more of sitting meditation a day, and training in tantric Buddhism. Recently I have learned a little Gicheon from videos online, a very interesting practice. I also studied Aikido in high school and really enjoyed the energetic that was created by that practice.

sorry about being long winded. I am now 51 and desperately trying to hold onto the small amount of vitality I have left. I am in a lot of pain and western doctors seem like they couldn’t care less.

Thanks for providing this forum, looking forward to any positive connections or interesting discussion,







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