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Brahmakumaris on practising traffic control of the mind

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Insightful article by Sister B.K.Shivani of the Brahmakumaris on practicing traffic control of the mind with respect to unhealthy thoughts and emotions...




Happiness is a state of mind. But today we believe happiness is what we achieve or what we buy, that it is dependent on external situations and achievements. The truth is, happiness is our nature, our way of being. When the mind is calm and stable, it is in a healthy state and that health of the mind is happiness.


Being in that healthy state of mind is in our hands. For instance, if I am stuck in a traffic jam, I can choose to create stress or be stable. When things do not go my way, I can choose to get hurt or remain healthy. Happiness is a healthy mind; when the mind is in a comfortable state, it is the opposite of a disturbed mind.


For me, it matters how my state of mind is in every situation of the day. Let me explain why. When my mind’s graph does not fluctuate, then I have been happy throughout the day. By fluctuation, I mean getting excited one moment, feeling low the next.


To be truly happy, it is important that you stop living a life of blame. By this, I mean blaming people and situations for your own condition. Blame games show emotional dependence. Creating your own thoughts, feelings and steering clear of any dependency will lead to a happy life.


I now live a life of awareness, so when making a mistake, even if it is in my mind only, I immediately correct it. My advice—practise traffic control of the mind. Pause for a minute after every hour and check your thoughts, it helps to prepare the mind for the next hour. ~ Sister Shivani



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