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Found this place after quite a while.. the only social sites I knew were Reddit(positing weird things on Reddit is like a willing self inflicted gun shot to the head) and aypsite(some insane moderation, it's become like a corporate forum for yoga) and an few psychedelic forums.

Life is so weird.

There is no one point in life for me where "everything changed", but mutliple points. Few highlights would be when I met my "twin flame", when I experienced the kechari mudra just as described in ( This has to be the top experience in my life. I could compare this with a powerful psychedelic experience, but the fact that it happened when I was completely sober. Of course it was spontaneous because "I was ready".

Prior to that I had been practicing heavy pranayama, diet and most importantly the yamas and niyamas.)

I am a big devout of Hindu gods(though kinda obvious being born in the bloodline of the ancient sages; before I was kinda of an agonist).

For me it was not so much as a Kundalini 'awakening' but a Kundalini 'awareness'. The four things that pushed it further were:

1) Meeting my twin flame

2) DMT trip

3) Kechari Mudra

4) Tantra masturbation( the blocking method as described in aypsite, which is basically orgasm without ejaculation).

There have been a lot of strange experiences in life. Also being here in India is a stranger experience. There is no single way of life. Everyone has their own systems and there is a lot of subtle pressure on perfectionism.

It's just as weird and mysterious as  Ayahuasca doing south Americans, but it's more open to the public and hence the truth can get lost or diluted behind covers of ego, money and politics, but for a seeker, the truth of the matters becomes obvious. But there is truth to ego, Money, power, politics too because it is part of the system and whatever is part of the system is part of Brahman. That's why it's best not to disregard a lot of things, because situations will arise on we really realise the importance of it. Like for instance, I met a girl who was smart and spiritual. She desired me to have a male ego and sense of self-importance which 'grounded' her. And in turn she energised me with her feminine energy.

Life has been so dynamic I have lost the concept of 'long-term' plans or whatever.

Even though life being weirder than usual,there is still a lot of uncertainty and mystery. Nevertheless the best practice is to always be grounded in the truth.


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