Patrick Brown

We are all aspects of the androgynous undifferentiated one.

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The polarisation of our true nature into male and female seems to have become extreme within the last ten/twenty years. It seems that the apparent gulf between people (male and female) is also fuelling the increase in vanity and greed. The confusion of the unfulfilled as they grasp at the fleeting in the hope that, one day, they will find something permanent to tether themselves to?


Most of us here are probably aware of the wisdom of insecurity and non-attachement although I often wonder if the masses will ever figure it out? There is a whole esoteric teaching about the immortals and the transitionary beings which is subtle. Hmm is it ever right for a follower of the way to step in and effect or should we always let things take their natural course?


I have often said in the past that I only get involved with things that are on my path meaning that I don't go out of my way to have an affect.


Any thought on all this?

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