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Why are daoists so crazed that they measure Jiang-hu everywhere?

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It’s like everyone thinks they’re standing right in front of each other, I just don’t get the corruption. At the very least they can measure their own safe environments and comforts. It’s like no one can get better than feeling or accurate discussion. Is anyone cultivating or are we all just getting better at communication? 

I’m sincerely a bit taxed, looking for a cultivation manual the old way of having them fall from the sky but I really can’t find anything better than power. It’s like I can’t measure gains without losses. 

I just find it odd, does Qi really need to be extracted from the environment, machine environments are so safe they don’t even measure conclusions. At the very least machines have nothing wrong with logical interactions, between themselves. I have to do be doing something wrong, talent and practice are Ill responses I feel.


TLDR: meditating on cultivation manuals. Few interesting ones but nothing more than dao. Anyone else doing the same?

This one feels the closest but it isn’t right for me. 


Patriarch Xu Yi shattered the void,

He looked at the clouds

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