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Son Goku

The lotus and playing with waking reality, illumination.

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[This started as a note to a friend, but thought I'd share it.]

Ok, here goes. First of all the full lotus sitting position.

Its a long and magical road to master it, i personally am in the middle of my journey with it. If you can do it well naturally, I would recommend mastering it (being able to sit for hours with no discomfort without moving)


On the other hand, if its not easy, it might be better to take another route.

One of my masters NEVER sits in it, and meditates without it. I'm sure this man is at the highest level. So there are no rules I guess.


Keep an open mind, but always trust yourself. The great thing about having a real master that you trust 100% is that you can take giant leaps forward by trusting them as you would yourself or more even. Life can be veiwed as a dream, and when enlightenment comes, we can play with waking reality as one does in a lucid dream. OR life can be veiwed as totally real- and when enlightenment comes you can ALSO play with waking reality as one does in a lucid dream! The funny thing is, real illuminated people tend to be the most unassuming relaxed normal people, who never manipulate anything beyond their felt place in life. What a paradox no?



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