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Hey Guys,


Over the past Months im getting in the whole

 Energy Work, Qigong, Mopai, Neigong, Tai Chi etc. . I must confess that i feel very overwhelmed by all the Different Systems, Views and Opinions. I dont actually know where to start.


In my Region there are no so called Masters/Shifus teaching and on the Internet there is no step to step Instructions or conclusive answers. And even if i find Dome which seems legit i cant understand them with my current Knowledge.


So the Reason why im writing this  is to get some Guidance through this whole Jungle.

I know that if i want to master anything it will likely take atleast a Lifetime, but i dont want to waste Time with Things which are not leading to my Goal.


First of all i want to strengthen my Health and work with my Innerself to find some Peace. 

Also im interested in Qi/Energy work and all the other Benefits which come along.

On the other Hand i dont want to hurt myself by doing Things without a Master or without an Understanding.


Im a complete Beginner in this and dont even know with which System i should start.

At the moment im reading a  Book from Kenneth Cohen whos teaching the Basics of Qigong.


Is Qigong a good Idea to get in Touch or are there better Systems to learn first?

Sometimes i cant even grasp the Difference between some Systems because a lot of the Times they are overlapping.


Do you maybe have some more Information for a complete Beginner like me ?

Some instructions of how to first get in Touch with my Energy and myself without the guidance of a Master?


I really hope to get some answers .


Have a nice day  :)

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Where do exactly live that you can't find a real life teacher?


There are various systems of energy work and meditation which don't have the title of Qigong and surpass Qigong in excess.



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