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Apana-Vayu Mudra

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I am writing this post because I have found the use of the Apana Vayu mudra to be beneficial.

In my experience as an acupuncturist, I have been able to see cases of serious heart disease, pre-infarction, heart attack, heart failure in which this small mudra has saved many people from dying.

Perform this mudra with both hands: bend your index finger and with the tip of this finger brush the base of the thumb, while those of the middle and ring fingers brush the tip of the thumb. Extend the little finger (it seems a bit complicated at first, but like everything in yoga, with practice you master it and find comfort)

Its use is recommended for the public as it also has a liberating effect on harmful emotional pressures, such as old pain, trapped emotions, tensions, insecurity, and trauma.

I leave this image (Taken from a free source) because it is amazingly simple to do, and it is normally recommended to keep the mudra for 20 to 50 minutes.


Benefits according to ayurveda:


1. When there are symptoms of heart attack, this Mudra will help the person to recover from the pain instantly.

2. Remove blockages in blood veins and heal thickening of arteries.

3. Helps both high and low blood pressure.

4. Chest pain, tiredness and perspiration will be reduced immediately.

5. Regularizes irregular heartbeats.

6. Cures constipation.

7. In case of palpitations, this Mudra can normalize the pulse immediately.

8. Excess perspiration on the feet and hands is appeased.

9. It is beneficial in curing heartburn.

10. Increases the functional capacity of various organs of the digestive system.



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