Recommendations for research (looking for online qigong classes)

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Hi - I’m wondering if anyone would be comfortable sharing any online qigong groups they might be aware of (so many practitioners have gone online in last two years). I’ll clearly be searching on my own, but thought it couldn’t hurt to toss the question here in case it brought up an interesting avenue.


I have had positive and powerful teachers in the past (Wu Ming style), but do not have access to live classes at present…and it helps me to have a live group to practice with, as I’m somewhat isolated at present.


I recently found Spring Forest Qigong in Midwest of US…and while I like the actual practice (basic, but a good way to lead me where I’d naturally go in practice, movement leading to an orbit meditation)…I’m not certain about the $$$ to miraculously heal people/cancer vibe. Something isn’t sitting right.


Any offerings welcome….whether you can share any experience/knowledge of SFQ, or suggest another solid online live group to investigate, I’d be very grateful.


thank you!

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