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Hi all, glad to be here!

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Hi all,


I have only recently started getting interested in qi gong, (more specifically neigong). My curiosity was first sparked after my father in law received the books “The Magus of Java” and “Opening the Dragon’s Gate” a few weeks ago from one of his doctors. After reading Magus I was fascinated by the healing properties of John Chang (and of course watched the video of him lighting the newspaper on fire) and I’m currently reading about Wang Liping. 

I didn’t believe everything in the books 100% and wanted to do more research online that led me to this site. I’ve found very clear and informative data and personal experiences from many members and have enjoyed my time reading through the forum.


I want to learn properly and eventually want to take the lessons from a certain member when I’m in a comfortable financial position to do so.


Until then I will continue to learn from everyone and hopefully can get started on my neigong journey the correct way, I’m aware it will take many years or decades to activate and fill the LDT with enough qi to be able to fa qi, but I want to start while I’m still young to become healthier in body, mind and spirit from now until well into old age.


It’s nice to meet you all and I look forward to learning more!



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