Sitting and forgetting

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As part of Advaita self-enquiry process, there is a “falling silent” part — which involves resting (the attention) in the heart center. Slowly the mind returns to its source (the heart center) and one can enter deep silence/stillness. This is a standard practice, and is very good. 

But I’ve been reading/hearing about zuo wang, so decided to just sit without any objective in mind (not resting the attention to anywhere in particular). Simply resting, as it is, in the moment. It was interesting, as, just the sitting still/silent started to consolidate in the lower abdomen area. Everything seemed to flow down into the LDT region. Was a different kind of “stillness” - more “alert” but empty of mind content. Not a nirvikalpa thing (like the heart meditation does for me), but sahaja. 

Any thoughts? 

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