A Day in the Life

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I thought about a thread to show various slice of life from different geographies.

We are all one.

Any bum is welcome to post some video and/or commentary regarding daily life in various locales.

Political speak is strictly forbidden.


  I decided to open this thread with a view from rural Ukraine. Our guide today is Pavlo. 





Obligatory Beatles song in box. for my tastes, I would prefer days in the Ukraine countryside rather than in London. I reckon, I'm in the minority with my opinion (as usual). Is the grass always greener?

Perhaps, someone will post commentary or video depicting daily life in London, that we may contrast and compare?





I could sell my hobbled pickup truck and buy the rural  property in Ukraine. Likely, that i won't; but, what a fascinating  possibility.


Welp, bums, that's my contribution to a day in the life, slice of life, for today.

Thank you Pavlo and John for sharing your respective perspectives.


Peace, Health, Contentment, to all.



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