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The gidim are a state of consciousness locked in an ultra malsucline state. 


Their tendrils do nlot grow long, but their lanterns have an intoxicating effect. 


Ensured along their path they forget that the female existed before the Yeti.


The zebra cares not for the engulfment but for the shore unexiled from the gap.


The Void is Merciless but She cares not for individuals with corroded sacs.


Seek the I ching and it will act as a map, the Golden Compass intact


Don't let Gaia strike with the A.I On Pact. 


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On 15/12/2021 at 8:02 PM, Draco said:

The Gidim


The Very First Of The Demons


Have They Accepted A Lesser Call?




 !  " Video  unavailable " 


with a further explanation under that which says


" This video unavailable "


- just to make it clear it is THIS video here that is unavailable ... not another one somewhere else .




Moving along .... 'Gidim'  - ancient Sumerian :  gig - to be sick , unhealthy , unwholesome ;  dim - a demon .


or  Gi - black ,  dim - approach   ;  to approach darkness .

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