yijing interpert my results about what path to take

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I asked  the yi-jing   in 3 different times  the next questions  (its interesting that i got hexagram 20 in two of the questions - and 23 as hidden in them and in one the first changing line and the last one in another )  :

*      Some weeks ago i asked  "what is the next step i need to do in life?"     (thinking  should i do more of what i do , to stop what i do , to do more of it , to change it , to add something new i never tried etc)
and i got hex      11   changing line in the second place ... which changes to hex       36          (and hidden hexagram is 54)

*     Also asked back than  "what i should do about my  X training ?"      (asking about a specific practice i do (dont want to write name of that practice to not effect answers with opinions on that practice )   

and i got hex 20   with chageing line in the first   ...  which changes to hex 42    (hidden hex is 23)

* Today i asked again "what is the next step i need to do in life?"

and i got hex
20   with chageing line in the last  ...  which changes to hex 8    (hidden hex is 23)      

**           I dont know how to interpret this results  -  i wonder what other people see here     ( no need to have an opinon about them all even if its about one hex origianl or hidden or a changing line ,  is good as well  )  

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In the last few days, I also asked what the next step was in my life and I also got 11.  But mine was 11.5.6 changing to 9.  I took that to mean that now was a time for peace and for nurturing peace.  One translation said that now is the time to make a peace offering to another as a gesture of good will, perhaps someone who we have not been on great terms with or someone we have had a disagreement with.  I took 11 to mean that now was a time of spreading peace and joy to others; perhaps a time to enjoy the peace a little and also to laugh and joke - a time for good natured humor.  Also a time to nurture what has brought this peace, so that the peace can continue at a future time.  For example, we may want to work on fostering peace in a relationship.  Or we may want to make sure we are taking care of our responsibilities so that we wont neglect something in the future.  I sometimes play healing music for my plants or take care of the space directly around my plants so that the chi/feng shui is good and my plants have a nicer environment; perhaps this is a way of fostering peace for now and into the future.  I think 11 also says that it is important for those in high places to take care of those in low and to build mutual appreciation that is not based on status or class.


question 2: what should I do about my X training?  Stephen Karcher's translation for 20 says to "watch the signs", "let everything come into view", "examine", and "seek out what is truly important".  Perhaps this means that you may want to watch closely to see if there are any signs that come in your life related to this practice?  Has someone come into your life that has experience with this practice?  Are there any omens that have shown this to be a auspicious route to take?  Does this practice carry an element that is essential to your growth?  Is this the right practice for you or is there another similar practice that might be better?  Does this practice fit me at the place I am at in my life?  Is there more information I could get about this practice in order to make a better decision if it's for me? etc.  I recently asked the same question about a practice.  The first hexagram was a mystery I couldn't decipher it.  So I threw again with the same question.  Again, the answer seemed mysterious.  So I threw a third time; finally I got a clear answer that seemed to fit the situation.  It may not be a popular way of going about the practice, but I am prepared to throw several times if the first or second hexagram are essentially un-decipherable when related to the  question.  


Question three: The Stephen Karcher translation says "Your judgment is very good. Do not doubt, but do consult with others. Evaluate options and make plans."  Perhaps this means that you can rely on your own intuition to decide what to do next in your life.  This translation also encourages on to "look at what they have  vs. what they need". Perhaps you can examine what you have and also what your needs are, seeing if you can skillfully marry the two.  The Karcher translation also says: "Let everything come into view and divine the deeper meanings.  Look at what you do not want to see.  When you have made the preparation, the spirit will arrive."  To me, that means that if one does the work of examining everything about a situation, the spirit will naturally arrive providing one with the insight or spirit to plan the next wise course of action.  Karcher also says in 20 "Lay out a real plan and integrate it with your current resources"


Sorry I didn't really address the changing hexagrams.

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