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I'm totally new here but seen recommendations in a few places so thought I should have a look.


As a teenager I read a few books on Daoism and tried using I Ching as an oracle, but I had no teacher, most of it went over my head and didn't connect with my life at the time. Later I practiced Tai Chi in university but though it was a big part of my life there at the time again it didn't connect with other aspects of my life, or with my earlier interest in Daoism. 


Now almost twenty years later I came across the Tao Te Ching again, and it seems much more relevant and applicable now. I've read/listened to a few other books and tried to get back into the habit of practicing Tai Chi.


I'm looking out for material which describes how to direct attention and what to recognise in the subjective experience, both when doing form or more generally. The school I learnt with focused much more on martial applications, or at least that is what I remember of it now.



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