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Okay, so this is my situation.


There's two points in my body that are keeping the energy in me from rising.


Those are. Beneath my navel. And in and around the anus muscles.

More specifically, perhaps. The space between the anus, and the ping pong balls.

And in and around that.


Now here comes the interesting part: whenever I drink water or the other day I drank a cup of ginger tea. That helped.

Whenever I drink either of these two things. The following happens.

I feel a definite; and very clear relaxation of the knot beneath the navel point - and especially after having ginger in water.

As a tea.


What happens then is that my tingling in the left pinky becomes none-existent, and the only one left is in the big toe.

My thinking, and feeling, is that somehow the point beneath the navel is connected to my little pinky.

A meridian there.

And the other knot between the legs is connected to the big toe.

If the knot between the legs gets weaker. Then, more energy is able to slip through and as a consequence the knot beneath the navel gets activated.

And if that becomes loose; or if the pressure from the muladhara becomes too big, then, my throat constricts.

Sausage - and meat in general. Activate the muladhara.


What gets even more interesting, is that the two strings of energy that I'm feeling in my left foot, come from the center, where the bone is.

I've got two knots, and two strings of energy in my foot.

Probably meridians.

When the knot is loose, then the energy becomes unobstructed - and one of the strings disappears. In this case the string, going from the pinky, to the center of my foot.

Afterwards I don't feel it.

What I do feel. Is two strings of energy coming front the center of my foot. Or going to.

Just like a man driving a charriot.

(think of the movie Ben-Hur)


The man is at the center of the foot, and toes in front of him, represent the horses.


My horse; leftie. Is out of control.

Righty isn't much better. Probably worse.


Whenever leftie calms down a bit the electrical force that I feel in my pinky toe, moves slightly on the right. As if it was meant to join, and disappear into older brother there on the right.


The big toe's electricity gets bigger, when that happens.


And since, apparently for a number of people the kundalini rises and comes from the outer edge of the left big toe, I figured that would be a good thing, I certainly feel it that way - and a host of literature seems to confirm that. I want to add, also; that I'm in no way in crisis, and everything has been going calmly and smoothly; although vigilance is always called for.


But I guess my question really is what is the relationship between the little toe and its bigger toe older brother.

Is there some kind of entry point, as it seems to be - at least for me- where the kundalini goes in and enters the toe on the right.


Something that I think of note, is that apparently only a man who knows how to sleep can awaken kundalini. Well.

It just so happens that the outer edge of the left big toe. Is associated with the pineal gland, that is responsible for melatonin secretion, which regulates and controls the sleep cycle.


Going to bed can probably be seen as a little death. Inversely.

A waking up of bed can be seen as a waking up in life.

Everything starts with making your bed. Well that must be after waking up because that's where life starts.

Do you wake up with the left big toe? On top of the right side of the bed.


And is waking up on the wrong side of the bed associated with an imbalance on literally a more activated left side of the foot where your pinky doesn't follow his big brother big toe on an adventure, and waking up together.






(A question: why is the liver meridian going out of the foot?)

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