Hi, seeker of the path to the truth

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Very happy to have found this forum! 


Looking for friends and support on my spiritual journey. My background is more layman type of Buddhism and yoga.

Main goal of my spiritual journey is to open my mind, find truth, freedom and harmonious way to live life.

Eventually I seek enlightenment.


I use my own home-brewed  practice, which is combination of kundalini yoga, meditation, and basic spinal breathing pranayama (as described by Yogani at


When I started my practice about 7 years ago, I had fast and very nice results, but got scared of too quick progress. Since then I had a couple of iterations of active practice and periods of inactivity. Last period on inactivity was 4 years long, because pregnancy and childbirth completely wiped off my ability for focused meditation.


Now I am starting again, and this time I am decided to be more brave in my approach. Because life is too short for just baby steps. I want to go further than before, but a bit cautious to run into deep waters without adequate preparation. 


I am interested if anyone else here did or is doing  their own practice. 



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Hello adventurousmind,


Welcome to the bums. Hope you enjoy your time here. If you haven’t already done so please read the three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum regarding rules and expectations.


warm regards,


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