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inertial intention to keep the dantian

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Welcome group talks _ inertial intention to keep the dantian

Blue Stone 11:50:21
People who have practiced intentionally guarding the dantian for a long time usually jump in their abdomen. Because they habitually put their attention there, the Qi machine is fixed there and it is difficult to evolve. In the inaction method, the Qi machine is not fixed. Let the body determine the direction of the Qi machine by itself. Just follow the attention. After practicing for a period of time, the abdomen will also produce a pulsation of Qi, but the pulsation of the abdomen is different from the pulsation of the abdomen produced by long-term intention to guard the dantian. The pulsating qi trained in Wuwei will quickly evolve to the next phenomenon, but the pulsating qi of keeping the dantian will not evolve. It is equivalent to practicing for a lifetime. Even if you get stuck there, it is the same for ten years, and the same is true for thirty years. , Will not improve
Blue Stone 11:51:34
Therefore, those who are accustomed to practicing mind and keeping the dantian should switch to the Wuwei practice. They can be more aware of whether their attention is in the state of "unsatisfactory mind" than those who have not practiced. They should pay special attention to whether there is any. "The inertia of keeping the dantian will be produced again", otherwise you will practice and return to the original inertia, which will hinder progress and evolution
Blue Stone 11:56:40
There is one thing to pay attention to when practicing Wuwei. When the Qi machine reaches a certain level, it will rise to open up the space in front of you. At this time, do not deliberately pull back the Qi machine state. The state of the transportation method
Blue Stone 11:57:12
Therefore, when practicing inaction, you must always be aware of whether you have an "attempt" to "control" the direction of your qi.
Blue Stone 11:57:39

If you are completely unaware, then you don't know where you are going to practice. It may be the transportation method, it may be the maze of fantasy, it is possible.




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