Advancing Daoism: Epigraphic and Archeological Materials as Sources for Daoist Lived Religion

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Past event on Saturday, July 31, 9am EST (9pm HKT)


This multi-year project, funded by the Luce Foundation, aims at advancing the study of Daoism through the use of archaeological and epigraphic materials, including statues, stele inscriptions, cave shrines, temple inscriptions, and inscribed tomb epitaphs. We hope to introduce and use these understudied material sources to augment the canonical textual sources in understanding the social history of Daoism and to explore developments and changes in ritual practices that are often invisible in the written records. 



Gil Raz 李福 (Dartmouth College):   Introduction to Project 
            Stele-Statues and Texts: Two Examples


Bai Bin  白彬 (Sichuan University):    Survey of Sources 


Host:  Richard Wang 王崗 (University of Florida)


The recording of the event can be found here:


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