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Dandao Five Elements

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Northern Xuanwu, Kidney Water, Aspiration, Qi
Southern Suzaku, heart fire, god
Eastern Blue Dragon, Liver Wood, Sun Soul, Yang
Western White Tiger, Lung Gold, Moon Soul, Yin
Central soil, spleen soil, meaning, pure land
The view of alchemy and five elements is the elemental traits and orientation of the practice, but the orientation may have to be turned in order to conform to the ancients said that the left green dragon and the right white tiger, the south vermillion bird, and the north basalt.
This usage is mainly to understand the symbols of the alchemy.
To put it simply, the repeated practice of water and fire yin and yang produces true soil and produces golden pills.
Water and fire yin and yang, everyone may have concepts, real land, pure land, everyone has no concept, earth is the environment, pure land, in short, it is "empty", which is emptiness, emptiness, boundlessness, emptiness, everything enters. After practicing here, the environment is clean, the five aggregates are empty, and the soil environment is clean. Only when the golden core can appear, the golden core cannot condense in a cloudy environment.
Therefore, when we practice, the yang qi is generated, and then the yin is transformed, and the process is repeated until the yin and the yang are completely pure and reach the void, the true land, the pure land, emptiness, emptiness, boundless concentration, emptiness, everything that enters, the five aggregates are empty, no matter it is Nouns are talking about the same state. Only when this state is reached, the golden core has an environment for growth.
Yang qi generates, transforms yin, emptiness, golden pill
Just like this procedure
that is it
Therefore, it is 100% impossible to rely on the black rabbit medicine produced by the generation of Yang Qi to condense the golden core, because without a void environment, golden cores cannot grow.
The golden pill is not condensed by the small black rabbit medicine, but by the empty environment, it will naturally grow out of the big medicine and condense it.






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