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In the broad sense, the overall premise of magical thinking (a category into which we should also include religious, atheistic, scientific, and any other kind that entails a "worldview" and an "explanation" not originating in personal sensorium) rests on the assumption that worlds, dimensions, realities exist that intersect with our own and can influence it when accessed by someone knowledgeable in how to "summon" their effects into our world. 


E.g., when people pray to god, whose kingdom is "not of this world," with the goal of soliciting god's intervention into "this" world.  Or when a shaman undertakes a "journey" to the "lower" or "higher" realm toward "soul retrieval" -- the lost soul (or its parts), missing from this realm, is located in another, and brought back to ours by the professional with the know-how.  The opposite route is also used -- e.g. when Asians in many countries, during particular ancestors-honoring holidays, burn paper money and paper replicas of fancy clothes, houses, cars, etc. which are symbolic representations meant to materialize in the spirit world inhabited by the departed relatives and serve them there -- because things that are symbolic in our world are thought to be transferable as real into theirs, via particular procedures linking the two worlds and allowing one to influence the other.  


In this sense, all information that exists in our world as 2D, i.e. not indigenous to our 3D world, "symbolic" rather than "real" in it -- whether letters or images, words or numbers or graphs on pages or pictures or moving pictures on screens -- constitutes practice of 2D magic, i.e. an endeavor whereby our 3D reality is influenced and shaped from the realm of 2D symbols, from another, "lower-dimensional" one.  


I intend to meditate on differentiating between parts of our 3D world that are real and parts that are symbolic 2D spells.  Might yield interesting insights... 

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