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Greetings to All,
         Some years ago just before I woke up in the morning, I had a dream, or rather a vision in my dream, of a large Tai Chi symbol with a number underneath it, 07070909. As I opened my eyes, the after-vision of the symbol and the number remained for a couple minutes. This was a vision given to me to make sure that I remembered it. Of course Something was up.

Then I opened my email and read the question from a woman asking whether Taoism dealt with the older brother / younger brother dynamic that would correspond to the Cain / Abel dynamic of Judeo-Christianity. I myself of course not knowing except for the dream was able to answer that indeed it does.

Of course it took me a minute to realize that the dream was an answer to the question in my email. How so? Since 7 represents Young Yang and 9 represents Old Yang, they correspond to Abel and Cain, the younger and older brothers.


Good brothers of course are happy for each other and love each other and would never be jealous of one another or kill one another, but Cain killed Abel out of jealousy, and perhaps Abel had been arrogant enough to trigger Cain to strike out in anger.

The proper heart of Cain toward Abel and also of Abel toward Cain would have prevailed if they both had been more mature - Abel would not have been arrogant, and Cain would not have killed him - his brother. 

How would the parents and siblings feel about this? Bad of course - heart broken.

How then to fix the broken hearts caused by immaturity and return the Cosmic Family of the 8 Trigrams to its original state of harmony and beauty? 

What is the proper order of relationships between the Parents and Children, the Parents as also Husband and Wife, and the Siblings as Younger and Older Brothers and Sisters?

The Parents also represent Heaven  and Earth and the Children are in between. Each has Mind and Body, which when harmonized perfectly after a period of growing to maturity, form a Divine Personality or Original Mind, which is able to give life to the individual's unique potential and become a Tree of Life.

Why were there two 7's and two 9's and 0's in between them? My interpretation is that one 7 represents the mind and the other represents the body, for example. The 0's would be place holders for the 6's and the 8's, which represent Old Yin and Young Yin, each also having a mind and a body. 

I'll leave it at that, other than to also say that a certain Do-Wan, a tall Mandarin Chinese man, introduced himself to me in another dream in which I was thanking my ancestors in a formal fashion, having prayed the night before to be able to have greater appreciation for my ancestors hard work. Not being Chinese, I wondered how it was that Do-Wan came in my ancestor dream. Someone else I told that dream to pointed out that of course he is one of my guides. (Thanks Do-Wan!)



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