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My contact with Bhagavan began in 1930, and I spent a continuous period of three years at Sri Ramanasramam. It was a great

I was a science graduate. I had learned about the atomic structure of the universe and how the matter finally resolves into energy, and that the mind also is a form of energy. So the entire world of the mind and the matter, when traced to its source, is one uniform Energy or God, or whatever you
choose to call it.

This was the attitude of my mind when I first went to Sri Ramanasramam. 
Bhagavan was then translating his Ulladu Narpadu into Telugu. After completing it he gave the manuscript to me and said, “You are an Andhra: see if there are any grammatical mistakes in it.” It was this
translation which made my mind turn inwards and set it on the right path.

The essence of what Bhagavan said in my talks with him was:
“You say that on final analysis all that I see or think or do is one; but that really comprises two notions: the all that is seen; and the ‘I’ that does the seeing, thinking and doing, and says ‘I’.
Which of these two is the more real, true and important? 
Obviously the seer, since the ‘seen’ is dependent on it. So, turn your attention to the seer who is the source of your ‘I’ and realize it. This is the real task. 
Up till now you have been studying the
object, not the subject. Now find out for what reality this ‘I’ stands. Find the entity which is the source of the expression ‘I’. That is the Self, the Self of all selves.”

This direct, simple teaching was like a tonic to me. It swept away the unrest and confusion that till then had haunted my mind. It is, of course, the essence of Ulladu Narpadu and the central theme of all Bhagavan’s writings. The simplicity of it made me burst out, “Then Bhagavan, Self-
realization is very easy, just as you say in the poem Atma Vidya!”

Bhagavan smiled and said, “Yes, yes, it seems so at first, but there is a difficulty. You have to overcome your present false values and wrong identification. The quest requires concentrated effort and steadfast abidance in the Source, when reached.” 

However, while warning me, he also added
words of solace: “But don’t let that deter you. The rise of the urge to seek the ‘I’ is itself an act of Divine Grace, for which one has to pray.”

Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi.106
G.Lakshmi Narasimham,


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