Intro Zhan Zhuang Healing Properties of Qi

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Hello, I am new to the group.


My Goals:  health, longevity, spiritual development 


I am practicing the form of Zhan Zhuang taught in the book 

"Wujishi Breathing Exercises"

The method is fairly simple and quite effective--Would recommend this book to others. 



Currently reading "Buddha's Map: His Original Teachings on Awakening, Ease, and Insight in the Heart of Meditation" by Doug Craft



What are the properties of Qi?    This has been one of my areas of interest for a long time.

The answers to this question might go to some very surprising places. 



Some of the areas I've delved into...



spiritual healing


Shamanic Journeying

financial astrology


And dabbled in...

remote viewing

physical alchemy 


Looking forward to discussions with you!



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Hi ZhanZhuangStudent,

Your account is approved; welcome to the bums.


Please make sure you’ve read the three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum regarding rules and expectations.


Hope you enjoy your discussions here,


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