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Hey everyone

I came to know about this wonderful community while was looking for help. 

I did mantak chia exercises testicle breathing, testicle compression, and big draw with no ejaculation philosophy.


I even had good results, last summer (year ago) my skin was good, good energy, and good masturbation session, I felt like it cured my premature ejaculation. I was regular and followed every precaution.


This time I did everything with carelessness. I am ashamed of all. 

I would exercise not regularly but whenever I feel like and didn't realised it's power. I was idiot and careless. I did it wrong in every possible way; on cold floor, wet floor, lying , lying to left side, holding urge to pee and ejaculate or both at same time, with head down. But I wasn't regular did it occasionally. Everything was cool untill I realised the insomnia, anxiety, fast heartbeat, cold hand and feets, tension in head , body ache, joint pain, sweaty testicle, low appetite ... And worse is  this all is because of this. Now I'm scared more then when testicle compression spinned my head anti clockwise to the point I fell on floor. I have stopped everything. I want to cure and reset. I realised my terrible mistake and it's a big life lesson to me. Please help. What should I do now ? 

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Hi Zentaolove,


Your account is approved. Welcome to the bums.


Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with the three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum regarding rules and expectations.


 I hope you find a resolution to your present issues.


warm regards,


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Posted (edited)

Finally 😁😁😁


I'm so glad I came here thanks ilu for approval.


Btw I did got some help from one of our community member. Feeling much better. Wish I knew about the thedaobums earlier.


Read other posts about Mantak Chia as well, sounds like I'm not alone.

Maybe people got frustrated with Chia scenario that's why they didn't replied. 

Also my anxiety exaggerated things as well, even to me now my post looks scary. 🙈

Have to overcome my Anxiety.



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