People watching from the eyes of others

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Not much to do with Daoism/Taoism, but one thing I tend to enjoy doing is watching/listening to videos like this one:


Videos where the one recording does not make a sound, trying to give the viewer the illusion that it is them there, not the one holding the camera and walking, and these videos(usually filled with the sounds of nature of either kind) seem to always put me into a contemplative mood, not unlike when I would just sit somewhere and indulge in a bit of "people watching".


Feeling as if I was outside time and space and observing people living their lives, following their routines, many just worrying about their work or where to get food for dinner next time.


I like it, maybe it's just part of my introvert tendencies but I do like to feel as if I can just distance myself and "notice".


Anyone else tends to do something similar?


ps: Yeah this is a very simple post, nothing too fancy nor wise(i.e. no talk about qigong or teachings and such), reason why I also posted here instead of in other places of the forum.


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