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  1. Meaning of breaking glass.

    Not exactly "breaking glass" but once, when I was studying in another university than the one I do now, I remember that that day I was going to do a test and, I kid you not, I had just stepped on the first step of the stairs to enter the building when the bracelet that I had on my right hand(one made entirely of stones that resembled a starry night...I think it is a stone called "Blue Goldstone") just snapped open(it was a nylon string)and some stones went flying around while the rest just fell to the floor. I never was one to believe in "signs", but I guess that what happened had to do with the fact that someone there had made "magic work"(I think it was a hex?) against me earlier in the semester. By then, though, I was already protected from it, but I ended up taking this as a sign that "whatever they did or was left over from it was transfered to the bracelet". Don't know if it was indeed this, but I like to think that the bracelet took on something that was supposed to go to me.Better it than me.
  2. Haiku Chain

    Never in the mind Nor within another's sight Kind of hard to find
  3. Haiku Chain

    Without it no gain Pain is necessary, they say I disagree, dude
  4. I was browsing Youtube and found this video: Aside the talk of "misusing knowledge" and "stolen teachings", I got thinking about how he seemed to imply that seeking power(to use it) is bad. [Or at least, that was the understanding I got from part of his talk, sometimes I just have issues understanding other languages] So I decided to ask those of you that may already be way advanced in your own journey/path, do you really think that it is wrong for one to actively seek power?
  5. Sleeping qigong and lucid dreaming

    1)So far I know not how I got to lucid dream, as those were very few times.In most cases I was able to control something/myself but wasn't aware that it was a dream, I think there was only one time where I was conscious that it was a dream. 2)None, the times it happened it just happened. 3)On the times I could control something, I would do things considered impossible in real life, like flying around(once with wings, other times without it), or use/control powers like telekinesis, force-field(of sorts) or even the elements of nature. Once, just once, I interacted with some person/being and they taught me "the secret of phasing" by literally grabbing my hand and pushing an object through it and moving it around in my hand. To this day I can still recall that sensation vividly. 4)Considering I never did a thing I guess one "tip" would be to have an intense desire over a subject or something you want to dream of, preferably for a few days.Then one day "it'll just happen". 5)It really is the world where anything is possible...go wild.
  6. Let me preface this by saying that I never felt any inclination whatsoever to be a doctor.Zero.Nada.Not even in dreams. I don't even like much to interact with people, at all. In this aspect I'm the stereotype of the introvert that prefers to be alone. And yet...yet I realized now that for a while(the last three or four years?) I've kept thinking of "the healing arts"/medicine. Once in a while I would talk(with my family) about learning more about anatomy to develop my massage skills, joke about learning acupuncture to "pin myself with the needles", try breathing techniques to lessen the pain, or as it happened today, search about therapeutic methods. I was even taking notes about thermotherapy/heat therapy just right now. Why?No idea. I know next to nothing about how the body works or how ultrasound can be used to alleviate pain or reduce swelling. I even enjoy reading the books/posts that talk about it(the art of healing or how the body heals itself, regeneration and etc.), but at the same time I feel no interest in being more proactive about it and maybe "use it to help others". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Am I somewhat being led towards a more "medically-inclined life"(for some odd reason), or is it all just in my head and I should stop trying to seek issues where there are none?
  7. Understanding Chinese martial arts

    What is this? I only ever heard of Thunder magic
  8. Understanding Chinese martial arts

    What martial arts has to do with lifespan though? I get the "healthy body" part, but a healthy body only increases slightly your lifespan, or more accurately, it makes you able to live out your original lifespan with less of the hurdles associated to old age.
  9. simplify

  10. The version of you that is the true you, pure, clear of any imperfection or condition. The version of you that you try to achieve even when you don't know it, the one that has the qualities you wished you had.The one that is so far above your current self that you have difficulty even trying to imagine such perfected self still being "you". ps: I've got no idea why I decided to write this and in such a convoluted way, just suddenly "felt like it", a bit like I was half the writer and half the reader ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You're free to ignore this rambling.
  11. But Abrahamic religions are already spread enough, how come they would feel "threatened"?
  12. Honestly I'm part of the group that thinks "As long as I can have a comfortable life without anything missing(i.e. the necessities for survival and a minimum of comfort), I'm happy with what I have". I use stuff until I can no longer use them, and even then I try to "push some more use" before I have to accept to buy something new. Literally, I had to buy new flip flops recently because the previous pair snapped and even using duct tape only delayed the inevitable. And no, I'm not a cheapskate. Honestly, I find people that like to show such things a bit tacky. I mean, there's no problem to want to show the wealth you got through your work(as long as you do it from a "I'm happy I can finally get/do this" point rather than a "HAH!Get jealous of me, suckers!" one). But I know that most people doing this either: -inherited said wealth rather than worked for it(which is the case of many of those "rich kids of instagram" and "influencers") -got it through underhanded means -are portraying to be wealthy all for their image, but they aren't actually wealthy "Worship" in a metaphorical way or literally, as if he was a deity? As far as I know, a soldier's only "ethic" is "follow the orders". Yeah, I have to admit that I find it both hilarious and annoying how many of these self-entitled gurus, masters, leaders and such like to seem spiritual but then we get hit by their massive wealth. I know, I know, one can be spiritual even when having money...but making money by being spiritual seems a bit...hypocritical in my opinion.
  13. Qi Gong Keeps Making Me Manic

    I think I'm somewhat the same, I was said many times as a kid that I had "an artist's mind"(still don't know if this is a good or bad thing) and I tend to daydream and be introspective a lot. Honestly, aside a creative medium(drawing, writing, making mock ups...) the only way I find to get my head clear is by doing a physical activity, preferably with a lot of movement.While I am moving, I don't have to think, I just "am" or just "do" what I have/want to do. It can be as simple as just swaying in one place, shadow boxing or running around at full speed(sprinting). Sorry for this mild digression. Why not try to separate you practice in sessions and do high intensity activities between each session?Even before doing the first one, go spend your energy into working out, dancing or just moving around a lot. Just an idea though.
  14. While I like to see these spiritual/insightful posts, I have to admit that to me the answers to the cause of violence are much more mundane. For one, it is humanity's inherent nature(of some or many) to always desire more and more.It isn't enought to have enough to live a relatively comfortable and happy life, there are those that also seek to get "more than their share" and actually deprive others of "their fair share". So...selfishness?Greed? Then we mix that with both the incompetence and corruption of management of resources(food, water, people, money...) of entire countries.Which only adds a very complex and heavy layer to the problem. Finally we add "artificial separations".People do it all the time, separate each other through petty means like "skin color", "religion", "sexuality"...they don't seek to unity all under a mutual respect, they separate themselves into cliques and force a "us vs them" mindset. Which tends to create people with extremely narrowed vision and willing to do anything to make THEIR GROUP the one in control. If it's already hard to deal with a group of people the size of a class, imagine having to deal with it all the size of a world? No wonder violence still hasn't ended.
  15. I can understand it. I mean I would pick other options, like becoming sarcastic, over violence, but I can understand feeling frustrated and annoyed when you try to understand and be polite to others, only for them to treat you like you don't care or isn't allowed to voice your thoughts And you might even brush it off once or twice(or a few times more) but when it's frequent...well, it sucks.It kinda feels like "what's the point" of being all that only to be met with such disrespect and/or lack of acknowledgement of your worth as a person?It becomes such a downer after a while... As for I don't have a "definitive/this is it" answer, so in my opinion I think the answer to this is divided in three "options": 1.Pride(no one wants to admit they're wrong). Ex: No big boss wanta to admit that a "lowly worker" is right when they themselves are wrong. 2.Fear(most people fear being wrong) Ex: Those that follow cults do not want to admit that they wasted years believing into something fake, or those that fear they might actually not know what comes next 3.Hope/Desire(everyone wishes that reality is/can/will be as they believe it is/will be) Ex: If their future isn't/won't be like they believe it will, this can break someone's spirit for the present suffering.