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  1. Are males being emasculated

    ...I really don't know what to say if not ತ_ʖತ
  2. What's that?It's the first time I've heard this.
  3. So TL;DR: Don't go seek Thunder Magic if you aren't Chinese/of the Chinese it. Good thing that I seem to prefer more the Korean energetic systems rather than Chinese ones(save for Neidan). Thunder magic seems interesting but magic-wise I think I prefer Chaos magic.Not as limitating, plus I don't depend on the graces of a deity to be able to "have magic power".
  4. To be honest, I think this is why he gave me "used car salesman" seemed "too try hard" y'know?
  5. Anyone knows if this temple and it's people are legit? From a layman's perspective they seem to be...even if giving off a bit of "used car salesman" vibes in some videos... On one of their recent videos they "made it free" some scriptures and "books" but I don't know if their processes are legit or even if they should be ok to be attempted by beginners. You can find the link to their pages with the "freebies" in this video:
  6. Taoist Sorcery/Wizardry

    Finally got this book and wow...there is indeed alot to absorb in terms of knowledge and understanding. Seems like the kind of book that you should either read tiny parts daily(like a snack) or take a week off to properly focus on it entirely.
  7. Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Out of Body

    I've seen many videos of people claiming to be able to do telekinesis...but here's the thing.All objects they tried to move were pieces of paper, very light stuff, or objects that while not as light as paper, were "mobile" due to their shape or you could see that were not stable enough and any force could make them fall/move. If one tried to move a paperweight in the shape of a pyramid...then I would pay attention.But a piece of paper put on a needle?
  8. Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Out of Body

    I APd once when I was younger, but my interest has always been in telekinesis(mainly due to Superboy in comics that uses telekinesis to emulate many of Superman's powers). I tried lucid dreaming but at most could only gain cognition in some dreams, enough to know I was in a dream but not enough to be able to willingly control it.
  9. I don't know if anyone here knows of or even reads wuxia/xianxia novels/manhuas, but these stories usually tend to have "energy cultivation" as one of it's precepts and(usually more with xianxia but it can appear in some wuxia stories) through that one can literally rebuild their physical body in order for it to either become "above human" or "in harmony with the supernatural energies".Although the way they make it vary, some destroy their physical body and rebuild it exclusively with "solid energy" or "energies of nature", while others seem to "evolve from inside out" kind of like using alchemy to change lead to gold. Considering this tends to appear quite regularly, I wonder if it is inspired by something either out of Daoism or Qi cultivation.Yes, I am not expecting someone here to tell "Oh yeah, you can definitely rebuild your body like that". I want to know if there is a basis from where this was taken(probably out of context?) and used in such stories. Is there something about "rebuilding the body" in either Daoist or Qi cultivation works?
  10. A scientific view of Qigong?

    I think there is a difference, though, between "dumbing it down" and separating the spiritual from the practice
  11. A scientific view of Qigong?

    Yeah I got this point from seeing some of the discussions in this forum. Personally I think I learn better through such a "pragmatic" system, but I also like the mystical aspect of it all(reason why I also started to learn about Daoism).I like how they thought and dealt with reality and "the self" in China, before Mao decided to destroy it all I mean...
  12. simplify

  13. Started reading this book: Chinese Qigong by The Publishing House of Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine And am surprised to see how here they seem to write of Qigong as a scientific system and not so much focus on it in a spiritual(awakening/enlightment) kind of thing.Sometimes it even seems like they're being skeptical of Qigong itself(or at least, the Qigong that is linked to spirituality) and consider this more of an "alternative health system" of sorts. For example, some of the chapters and sections: Chapter One: General Survey -Section Two: The theoretical basis of Qigong - Qigong and the Viscera Chapter Two: Maneuvers of Qigong -Section Two: Dynamic Qigong - Iron Crotch Qigong(not gonna lie...I laughed when I read that) It is both strange and interesting seeing this kind of "pragmatic"(?) view of something that I'm just so used to seeing being constantly linked with Daoism and all the spirituality that comes with that.
  14. change name request

    Hello, I would like to change my username into Shadao(a pun of shadow+dao, because all I know of it so far is "nothing but a shadow" and shadows are the mix of light and darkness.A perfect description for one in-between like myself).
  15. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    The more I see the level of discussions here, the more ignorant I feel. But I also feel's weird.