Tom Bisio's Two Immortals Longevity System

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Greetings Everyone,

I've been reading stuff on here for a few years and casually exploring Daoist practices off and on but never posted before.

Firstly thanks for being a great help for me over the years.

I've recently started doing Tom Bisio's Daoist Meditation program which is really good both from a content and presentation perspective:


Tom Bisio went all out with a manual, videos and guided meditation audios.

It's part of a program called "Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System" that he's developed.  

Some other courses he's developed are on:

Dao Yin - 


Daoist Yoga -


At first glance it sounds like, physically speaking, the Dao Yin course covers poking and prodding acupuncture points whereas the Daoist Yoga is more stretching.  


I was wondering if anyone has tried them and what the difference is between the two? I was looking to augment to the meditation practice.

I've heard the term "Daoist Yoga" (such as the famous book) and "Dao Yin" used for all sorts of things so I wasn't sure whether to get one or the other. 


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Ah it's in the PDF that comes with the course.


Daoist Yoga:


Daoist Yoga exercises generally involve holding postures while extending and ‘pulling’ on the meridians and the fascial network, or moving through a series of postures. In this way there is some resemblance to Hindu Yoga techniques. Daoist Yoga includes breath regulation and meditative practices. Daoist Yoga exercises employ physical movements to harmonize the flow of Qi and blood in the body in order to prevent disease, improve health, and stretch and open the sinews and joints. In order to achieve these ends, Daoist Yoga combines breathing, massaging parts of the body, and guiding and leading Qi through stretching and twisting movements, and concentration of the mind and intention. All of these elements act together to direct the flow of Qi and to regulate the body, both internally and externally.




Dao Yin exercises regulate the internal Qi Dynamic by rubbing and massaging acupuncture points, meridians or areas of the body, where Qi either gathers or tend to block. Massage is generally fairly light and energetic, performed with the fingertips or the palms. Sometimes areas and points are rubbed in a circle ( Mo Fa: “Round Rubbing”), while other arcs, either following meridians or area are stroked in lines and movements of the Qi Dynamic.


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