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  1. Tom Bisio's Two Immortals Longevity System

    Ah it's in the PDF that comes with the course. Daoist Yoga: Daoyin:
  2. Greetings Everyone, I've been reading stuff on here for a few years and casually exploring Daoist practices off and on but never posted before. Firstly thanks for being a great help for me over the years. I've recently started doing Tom Bisio's Daoist Meditation program which is really good both from a content and presentation perspective: Tom Bisio went all out with a manual, videos and guided meditation audios. It's part of a program called "Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System" that he's developed. Some other courses he's developed are on: Dao Yin - and Daoist Yoga - At first glance it sounds like, physically speaking, the Dao Yin course covers poking and prodding acupuncture points whereas the Daoist Yoga is more stretching. I was wondering if anyone has tried them and what the difference is between the two? I was looking to augment to the meditation practice. I've heard the term "Daoist Yoga" (such as the famous book) and "Dao Yin" used for all sorts of things so I wasn't sure whether to get one or the other.
  3. New but Old

    Hey Everyone, I've been exploring Daoism for a few years now, and have read posts of this site for many years also. FINALLY decided to get an account. I feel like I have a look of book knowledge but not enough practice. I think part of it is that the books don't share the technique as much, more knowledge. I'm really interested in Neidan. I have been practicing "Sitting and Forgetting" for a while under different terms. It's hard to find practical information on how to progress in Neidan, that's why I'm here to see what I can find out. MysterT