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2021 The Year of the Metal Ox

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Just hold your breath again. 



General outlook:


"Yin Metal is often compared to that of a delicate piece of jewelry, beautiful and graceful. However, the opposite nature of Yin Metal is cold and brutal, similar to a dagger. What’s more, the Ox sign is considered “winter earth” without warmth. When adding these cold Elements together, you’ll come to understand why the outlook and sentiment of 2021 will seem quite bleak, scary, and even dangerous."


Eat well in winter, a lot more than this Yang Metal Rat year which is coming to the official end (it won't be truly over until April as the energetics of the animal linger for about 2 months), to avoid damaging the Earth element; Warming stews and soups on a daily basis!


February 12, 2021 is the official start of the Metal Buffalo.

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Also bear this very important information in mind as 2020 (Metal Rat) signifies a year of profound change:


"The Rat plays an important role in the Chinese creation myth. This myth describes the Universe as an inert egg-shaped space, that was gnawed open by a Rat allowing life-bestowing air to enter. Once this occurred, plants, creatures and mankind took a breath and began to live on the earth. The Rat’s body also represents yin and yang, the driving forces of the Universe. It does this by having a yin or even number of toes, four to be exact on each forearm, and yang, or uneven, number of five toes on its hind legs.

It is predicted that the Rat will once again gnaw open a new era of time that will last for the next 60 years. This occurred 60 years ago in the last Metal Rat year, 1960, when the world saw the values and ideals of the 1950s give way to the new attitudes of the 1960s. These attitudes began in part with the birth control pill, a small object that created a big change, the sexual revolution. Another small object, the microchip, changed the world in extraordinary ways. Be on the watch this year, to see what the Rat will bite into next.

Metal, the ruling element this year, is seen in nature as the season of autumn and begins the dark yin cycle in the rotation of yin and yang. The dark yin places in the earth are where metals such as gold, silver, copper and steel are formed through compression. A yang metal year, therefore, can be seen as a large piece of steel. Steel is supportive and is used in building to create the framework of a structure. Yang metal energy can be used this year to create the framework for the next 12-year cycle, a great time to make big plans."

So the Metal Rat brought along the following changes:

-An overly strong Water Element

-An unstable Metal Element

-A challenged Wood Element

-An exhausted Fire Element

-A weakened Earth Element

The lack of Fire until 2025 is going to be a problem. It makes sense Fire Horse 2026 being so strong and energetic after so many years ruled by Yin. A sudden burst of Yang due to excess Yin.








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