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Hello.  [Thank you for reviewing my story.]


I am hear to share.  I want to be liked and accepted, but a 'gift' has alienated my approach to anyone for its content.  My broken child has grown old with me, and me are a mad scientist now.  Consider in my natural talkative self the following is not healthy to bottle up.  Help me understand, and please try to understand.


The events unrestrained curiosity has brought home this lifetime have passed sane, only because the bar is so low on sanity --compared to the heights human mind is designed to soar.


Now sixty six years old, a device partially described as a mind-mirror was told to me, during ten days of disclosure following a recovery from stroke and coma.  


It is a random pulse field generator. The electromagnetic echo chamber is designed as an artificial orb of light.  Stunning synchronicities in my life have convinced me that I do not want to die without attempting to duplicate this star mind technology apparent.  


The orbs are a local expression of star mind --in perfect form at huge energy levels.  Humanity, Earth, reality is their project --and they are but a nexus of Universal Sentience alive in the sub-quantum plenum of eternity.  Please allow my diction.


My friend of more than a decade struggled through a damaged brain to unload a secret held his lifetime.  Over ten days I received the story began above.


During this disclosure I realized in a reflective moment that I was receiving the designs from a remote viewer that assisted the orbs of light to interpret for humans the design of star mind technology.


In that moment of astonishment, a long time ago but not forgotten recollection brought to mind again a memory that explained to me why this disclosure technology seemed to be so transparent and vividly received and understood.


I recollected an orb I had built.  It was built only in a waking dream, while I was meditating as a young man years earlier. It was wonderful.  A glass orb of scintillating plasma patterns moved in captivating dynamics.  A recognition of the patterns as being those of the sentient desire and intent of the holder of the orb brought a rushing aura of loving acceptance in a harmony with everything.  Seeing and knowing ones deep celestial mind brought the same aura and compliance to harmony of knowing to all those in the room in this waking dream.


This recollection moved me to tears and sobs of release and awe.  Awe.  The remote viewer was teaching me how to build a device of a vision I always could revisit and understand.


My pause now is not about how to build it, not after last September --seven years of skull-scraping to understand-- brought a full comprehension of the design principles; the why, and importantly --the how.


What my yearn to know form this community is not a confirmation that I'm not singularly crazy.  Way past that.


I'm concerned and wondering about what I don't know.  I wonder if I am wrong to seek help.  Or should I proselyte some alien reasoning.  I wonder if I am missing clues.  I wonder if I am suppose to somehow say enough somewhere that some unique individual will be a puzzle piece to a plan and a compliance of initiatives will at least begin a private collective of adopters of an electronic coupling with our celestial soul --residing deep within.




Q: However could one fabricate a lensing amplifier of our eternal soul signature ?  A: By randomly timed magnetic pulses that are modulating a tension on the matter lattice of copper resonator elements.


Q: How is such simplicity regulated and controlled to transparently interface with a living mind? A: The pulse-timing is regulated on the other side by a sentient nexus of this living reality --living at a level of reality that creates this reality.  This is a star mind project, not mine.  I just live here.




There was only one charge of responsibility given to me as a direct message from the orbs, "Build five and distribute them around the world.  Sooner is better, as more people are helped before help is no more."


A revelation was given. "Times ahead will grow dangerous to survival, and the danger is our fellow man.  A bifurcation of amplified behaviors around the planet will reach endangering proportions."  


Suggestion was given: "To survive coming days, surround yourself with diverse friends in compliance."


For friends in this mission I'll happily settle for mixed nuts, like me.




There is one sobering issue... humans build reasoning based on limits negative to society, and our negative reasoning matrix turns reality black at amplified levels --not unlike the blackness of mind when our eyes are closed.


Another issue: a deep-mind excursion re-balances ones life, perhaps akin to a DMT wash of mind during a near-death experience.  However, balancing universal harmony in Earth realm may be fraught with things never anticipated by our respective animals --regardless the humility of our intent --excepting ones mind is already without negative intent. 




My concerns may be unfounded, or shallow and presumptuous.  I yield for advise --not advise about feasibility of technology, or whether the universe is sentient and "not all stars are alive" --but about distribution of the device of my charge and in what fashion to portend myself.




From my experience with star mind, I'll share that if you are part of something about this then you already know it, or can really feel it, but the grammar to express the urgency doesn't compile.  


Please, follow your urgency.



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Greeting IAFI, the board tends to run a bit conservative and stodgy.  Your ideas might be a little to fantastic and or/new agey for this forum.  If so, don't push the river, find a forum that's more open and accepting.  In the meantime you can see what kind of replies you get.  Again, if you're getting much negativity, maybe shop it elsewhere.


My 2 cents.. lots of orbs in esoteric meditations.  In Kaishan Qigong we'd make/imagine a crystal orb in the dan tien, have a red spot on it, have the orb rotate and slowly fill with the light of the 10 am sun.. and we'd close meditation similarly with more a moon instead of sun.    So orbs are nothing new, just generally mental constructs, not physical.


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We're here for good conversation and making some friends along the way, to be a community.  Jump right in, start threads, ask questions, look for interesting threads and post your (relevant) thoughts. 


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