'song', 'tai chi fa jin', 'sticking energy', etc.

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Demonstration and explanation of 'song', 'tai chi fa jin', 'sticking energy', etc., by Liang De Hua (AKA Leung Tak Wah), from Thailand.  He has learned from a few tai chi teachers over many years who have learned the traditional Yang family style tai chi curriculum deriving from Yang Shou Hou and Yang Cheng Fu., including forms such as "taiji big frame, taiji old frame, taiji long boxing, taiji small frame, taiji push hands, taiji sword, taiji saber, taiji spear, taiji long pole", and related Yang style tai chi training practices such as the various different tai chi push hands training practices and tai chi neigong practices. 


Liang De Hua says they practice tai chi fa jin practices such as demonstrated in the following videos to increase their tai chi martial arts understanding and internal power and skills. He explains that the tai chi forms and push hands plus tai chi neigong practices plus zhan zhuang practices are all important in developing these skills, but he has also mentioned that in old books by former Yang family tai chi students describing their training, he has not seen zhan zhuang practice specifically mentioned. So, not sure if zhan zhuang was really used much or at all in traditional Yang family tai chi training. 


When asked about the specifics of what he is doing when implementing tai chi fa jin as opposed to ordinary 'external' pushes and grappling, Liang De Hua has said he couldn't explain it clearly, but it involves using 'song' and 'yi' and maintaining an internal connection and employing all the tai chi principles. The ability comes from years of practice following the correct tai chi principles and training methods. Some people who do not have experience with internal arts may want to shout "that it is all BS, and it won't work in a real fight situation against a skilled fighter"; but, although I have not met Liang De Hua, he really appears to have developed some real tai chi skills with song, tai chi fa jin, and tai chi sticking energy, etc. How well his skills will work against someone who is not cooperating at all, I couldn't say, however. He does appear to me to have some legit tai chi skills however; but, again, I haven't met him. 


Liang De Hua's Youtube channel is here:



Taiji Jin 太極勁 | Part 1/2 | Liang De Hua 



Taiji Jin 太極勁 | Part 2/2 | Liang De Hua 



Yang style Taiji Sticking energy


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I like LDH -- he is humble and open, without trying to sensationalize his art of himself. 


I've trained in the Temple style Taiji system for nearly 2 decades now, as taught by Master Waysun Liao where the curriculum is very similar to how LDH outlines it. Master Liao's system emphasizes what he calls "Dan Tsou" mode of training, i.e., single form training. Each taiji form is trained one at a time, repeated over and over again with the right kind of conditions maintained within the body. It also involves static standing (zhan zhuang) but this standing is not necessarily the "standing stake" kind of practice, but rather freezing these single forms in specific postures and circulating the energy in a specific manner. 


From the accounts I've heard from my teachers (direct disciples of Master Liao), Master Liao had close contact with many old taiji masters in Taiwan and China, such as Cheng Man Ching, Shi Ming, and Shi Ming's teacher master Zhu (Zhu Huaiyuan) among a plethora of other teachers, with many of them, often sharing their closed-door teachings to him as a means to transmit the knowledge for posterity. 


Here's a link to some videos by Master Liao on single form practice --


Here's the full course curriculum

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