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Steve Maxwell's joint mobility program

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Found this killer drill on dragondoor--


"I had the honor of being an assistant instructor at the latest RKC. The program has really grown and improved in many ways.


Steve Maxwell put the attendees thru an outstanding example of his joint mobility program. It took about 20 minutes, and by the end everyone was warmed up, limbered up and ready to go.


This is a list of the exercises that Steve did, with some descriptions. I was furiously taking notes and drawing pictures of stick figures to show what he was doing, but you can't capture everything. I hope Steve will fill in the blanks and correct the order, but I do think I have made it is as accurate as I could.


For those who haven't bought Steve's Joint Mobility DVD, SHAME ON YOU!! ;-) Please go to and buy a copy for your penance. It is a follow-along program which takes about 20 minutes. It's filled with great exercises to limber you up. Each exercise was done for 30-60 seconds, at a rhythmic pace.


1) Neck Turns - side to side, looking behind you.

2) Neck Tilts - lean right/left, ear goes toward shoulder.

3) Neck Tilts - Chin up to the ceiling, then down to the chest between the clavicles.

4) Neck Slide - move head to right, then left, while keeping it vertical.

5) Neck Slide - move head front to back, keeping vertical. Like a chicken.

6) Thorasic Bending - Throw chest out and up while bending back, and roll shoulders back and down. Then roll forward, chest collapsing and shoulders rolling forward and then down, hunching over like Quasimodo.

7) "Sideways Scarecrow" - Stand with feet shoulder width and legs straight. Put arms straight out like scarecrow. While keeping your shoulders, hips and head level, lean and reach out to the right, then the left. Imagine your being pulled by a rope.

8) Pelvic Tilt - Stand with hands on hips. Tilt pelvis up, rounding low back and tucking your tail. Then tilt it down, arching your low back.

9) Pelvic Tilt - Side to side, pushing hip out, stretching outer hip.

10) Bend over and Lean Back - Stand with arms crossed on chest, rt. fingertips on left shldr.,left fingertips on rt. Bend over, rounding back and keeping head down and knees slightly bent. Then straighten back out, thrusting hips forward, and stretching backward and upward at 45 degrees.

11) Tai Chi Waist Twisters - Stand with arms hanging loosely at sides. Turn your chest quickly to the left (facing 9 o'clock) and let your arms whip around, and have the back of your left hand slap your right kidney. Then quickly spin right (to 3 o'clock) and your arms will fly around and your right hand will hit your left kidney. Arms should stay loose. Hips should remain fairly stationary while your upperbody quickly twists.

12) Arm circles - keep arms straight, make big circles, leading with thumbs. Go inside/out then outside/in.

13) Swimming Moves - Swing your arms like you're Backstroking, then Crawling (fwd stroke)

14) Figure 8s - Trace figure 8s with arms together, then do them going opposite directions (asymetrically - the arms cross each other)

15) Head Circle - Keep arms bent at 90 degrees and circle them aroung your head, with your biceps near your ears and then your nose. Your forearms will skim your scalp area.

16) Spinal Wave - curl and uncurl your pine as you stand, undulating like a snake.

17) Boot Strappers - Fold over at waist, put palms on ground, shoulder width and two feet in front of feet. Butt is high and head is down. Have feet close together and then bend knees, going up the balls of your feet. Straighten your legs out, putting heels on ground, then return to crouch. Repeat till your hammies scream...

18) Downward Dog with a tilt - while in the pose, tilt your hips to the right and left multiple times, then tilt your pelvis back and front.

19) Downward Dog Reach - while in the pose, pick up right hand and reach for your left ankle, twisting upper body only. Then reach for your right ankle with your left hand.

20) "The Pump" - go from the Cobra to Downward Dog in a rhythmic fashion. Not done like a Dive Bomber Push-up. Just go up and down.

21) Scarecrow Twist - Lay on your stomach, arms out. Lift your right leg, bend it and try to touch your left hand with your foot, twisting your hips, but leaving your upperchest and shoulders on the ground. Then go left foot to Rt. hand.

22) Frog Pose Hip Twists - Get in frog pose, on ground, propped up on elbows, hips low, legs spread with knees out wide and toes pointing down. Then lift your right lower leg, making it vertical, then have your right toes touch your left knee. Your hips will twist a bit, and the femur will really move in your hip socket. Then return your right leg, and then have your left leg go up, then have your toes touch your right knee.

23) Cossacks."




I've heard great things about Steve's mobility programs. He's coming out with a Farmer Burns type mobility program with light weights. I just went through this sampler, and it has a great feel to it and a nice progression. -Yoda

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