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Rabbit Ride

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Jump down a rabbit hole with me .


Back ground .


banging my fav theory on 3 : 4 again , some of you are familiar with it


Basically, 3 'things '  'absolutes and ideals ' give birth to 'another thing'   that is a type of product from them but apart from them .  Its throughout Hermetics, Daoism, and 'nature' (which includes the cosmos and the Laws of Physics) .  This 4th thing  is  a product of or manifestation of the 'reality' of its 3 underlying principles .....  but , is actually some type of illusion / 'maya' / projection . . . although ' more real' than the ideal .  I have given heaps of samples elsewhere so I won't go on about them .


Except this one :  The four forces of physics ;  The strong force , the weak force,  electromagnetism   and gravity .   ( To use elemental mapping G would be Earth .)   The great quest in physics has been the Unified Field Theory of ... well, everything  but especially the 4 fundamental  forces  ... ceptin they cant do it , they unified the first 3 but not G .


So in the past  .... I wrote that they will not be able to  as G is a product of or result of the first 3 and not  in the same 'realm' as them  and cant be 'unified '   but its really just a supposin'  on my part .... back then in the past  ( ahhh ! the glorious past , when there people around like Brian to talk to this stuff about  .  I even suggested moving G in a huge complex equation - theory of everything ' or something , that was a post here in the past - and Brian talked sense to me about the idea  I proposed !   ... anyway )


Foreground .


G   won't fit into the triangle  ( cause then it won't be a triangle any more )  its a product  of , relative  to and an illusion  from the other  3 forces . Thats the reason my hermetic theory gives .   :)


 But finally ,  here is the physics ;



 But finally

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