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Hyper mobility curable?

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Good day peeps,

i was doubting wether to post this here or in the health section but i tought there might be more readers in general.


my hyper mobility

meaning looseness of joints because of having to unstable/long/ stretchy. Connective tissues,   Causing joints to overstretch and subluxate


its gotten alot worse the last year Because of a condition requiring me to fully relax all the time, i think its put alot  of extra strain on just those tissues stretching them further and away from the muscles.  Ive started having trouble sleeping on my side because my shoulders sublux n seem

to get worse everytime i wake up


on my back my legs roll outwards  left and right, stretching the hip sockets


and my spine vertebraes seem to get loser and the lower curve part is having some issues


has there been anything that known thsts been able to reduce this?

has qigong been known to reduce this, basicly laxness of the tendons and ligaments?

i havent been able to find much on it. Any information would be appreciated


thank you for your time,



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