The new normal

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Anxious furtive glances
Try to take in the latest news
Meaningless yet wanted 
Social media listed abuse 


Who did whom in
Who laid whom out
Every thing is a sin
Every one is a lout 


This world of vitriol
This life of ridiculous strife
Only exists online 
Only we give it life


Tireless weariness 
Exhausted endeavors
Manufactured filthiness
We inhale like Hors d’ouvres 


When all things are said and done 
When everyone is put to rest
Will we recognize the harm
Will we unburden our chests?


Earnest interests in 
Finding the next villain
Will we ever turn inward
To find that secret garden? 


When scandals become the norm
When gossip becomes our friend
Is when time plays out in an infinite loop
Cursed to repeat again and again

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