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"Supreme Reality is non-dualistic, One. Everything that appears within It is That. To know That you must be That. This does not require any other means or an instrument. If we want to experience some other object, we first have to see it. But because we are That already, we are by nature That alone. When we give up the consciousness of all the rest, then we remain as we are. We have never forgotten our true nature, so it is unnecessary to try and remember it. It has to be remembered only when we forget it. Therefore, our nature is beyond remembering and forgetting. That which can be remembered and forgotten is prone to death, but there is no death for That.

Supreme Reality is the natural state and exists right from the beginning without doing or thinking anything. It is self-evident. In that natural state, there is neither happiness nor misery. Happiness is pervaded by misery. They exist together. First comes misery, and in that misery there is a little happiness.

As soon as a concept rises, dualism rises. Truth is One, but when we imagine something other, we become two. When you played marbles in childhood, whatever knowingness power you had then is the same as you have now. You do not have to remember how it was. To forget everything is to remember Self. It is well done if you even forget that "I am Self". Experience without experiencing. During sleep you experience your true Self without making any effort. There is not even a sense of "experiencing". Self can never leave. Who will leave whom? If one tries to see It, or hold It, Self recedes far back in the distance. We have got to sleep to know sleep. When you stop making effort, then you will know Him. Making effort is an obstruction in the way of knowing Him. You must reject the "I" after knowing "I am". Till now you were told that the impulse of knowledge is "I". But now you should reject it. One who uses this method of "I am not, you are not, there is nothing" is indeed fortunate. Nothing is to be done. You are not the one which imagines or conceives; you are not even that which is conceived. The knower gets absorbed in thoughtless Reality. This is the basis of the knowledge of Reality. When you go beyond knowledge and ignorance, you will find that nothing exists. Beyond nothing is Supreme Reality. You are That."


~Sri Samarth Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj


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