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Astronomy- some dude who wrote 3 posts.  3rd one blasting the site.  Probably an old disgruntled member.  Don't know, don't care.  banned.

"Cultivators, authenticity and honesty are not welcome here. If you do have any attainment whatsoever do not come here, because people will feel offended by what you write, attack you, and if you retaliate you will get banned.  The purpose of this forum is socializing, philosophy, "feeling spiritual" and  various styles of circle- and solojerking.  Also, the forum will be renamed to "the disney bums".  the wannabe-mod


me- I don't find socializing, philosophy, "feeling spiritual" to be all that bad.  They should be part of the site, but not all.  People with maturity as well as spiritual attainment can 'retaliate' disagree without trolling and insulting. 

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