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OT: organizing notes/personal diary/etc.

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A happy Easter day taobums,


quite some time back I was asking about kind of diary like options and Trunk and Smile and Sean and others suggested a few nice programs. Since then I kept searching for programs that help to organize my thoughts, my data on the computer etc. etc. etc.


There are a few out there and from those I investigated shortly so far I would recommend the following to look at:


it all started with reading about the latest onenote of microsoft. It is said to be included with all the new Office packages. But it is available extra also. Couldn't yet investigate it but people speak most highly of it. So I was looking for alternatives for the macie without having to use windows via parallels on it:


So far it seems that:

"Curio" from zengobi (note: before the edit I had that swapped) fulfills my wishes most. You can link articles, you can include video and audio files (one can even record audio and I think even video from inside while further taking notes) etc. etc. etc. I loved treepad but this program comes even closer to what I like!!! It has options to create mindmaps and place documents all over one page...


there is "Circus Ponies" which is often mentioned as alternative to onenote on the mac. It does not yet include what I was looking for, but is meant to include more of it in the soon to be born new version 3.0


the new " evernote " especially for the mac (if I got it right the windows version will look different) looks great when you want to have all your handwritten scanned stuff easily searchable


devonthink seems great also.


Just a few of those I investigated, and those that I seem to like most.





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