A Long Overdue Greetings

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Good day,


I have spent far too much time in the back of the class trying to listen in from afar. I will start with a hello and end with a thank you.


I've been practicing internal arts for a couple of years now working through Yang style Taiji chuan, as well as Xing Yi Chuan and Baguazhang. I can't say I am the best student in the world, the depths of these arts are as we all know astounding, but I attempt to eek out some small insights and pleasures from the practice. Progress is always welcome, but I know well enough that it shows itself when it is good and ready. While I may not have a ton yet to share with those here, as from what I have seen there are many knowledgeable folk abound in these parts, perhaps I can sneak in a well worded question here or there. As such, I must thank you all for having me, for your insights, and for sharing your time and patience in this place.


May great discussion and progress pervade!




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Welcome to the Tao Bums.  A wonderful forum to learn, discuss and cultivate.  Below are 3 important sections: Our Rules, The Insult Policy and our 3 Foundations.  Before you join click on [Reveal hidden contents] give them a read. 


Most of it boils down to being respectful.  No name calling or trolling.  Post as if your mom's looking over your shoulder.  Discussion and arguments are what the board is about.  Keep it civil, don't get personal.  Don't be a troll or one issue zealot. 


We're here for good conversation and make some friends along the way, to be a community.  Jump right in, start threads, ask questions, look for interesting threads and post your (relevant) thoughts. 


For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day.


Welcome, to me the best student is the one who shows up.  Front of class or back.  Life is a participation sport.  I hope you jump right into many conversations here.


 TDB team


Read and review Our Rules:



Our Insult Policy- Read it, Live it




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