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Good introduction to Chen

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I've always been interested in learning Chen taijiquan but there are no teachers nearby me. The few times I've bought DVDs, which purport to teach the entire Laojia form in 1.5hrs, I've ended up with busted knees.


I saw an interesting course on udemy the other day, which teaches the 8 form, qigong, silk reeling and basic stepping in some serious depth. Its 16 hours long and pretty pricey, but a lot cheaper if you go directly to the teacher's own site (


I was pleasantly surprised at how detailed yet challenging the material was. With 16 hours I was expecting a BKF style course where he sits on his arse for about 14 hours before teaching a couple of moves for the last couple of hours. Instead you get 16 hours of practical exercises, warmups and tutorials. Stuff you practice on your feet. 


The guy is pretty unassuming and not at all flashy, but he's a fantastic teacher. Check out this introductory class.



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