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Golden lamb

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Hello! I am from eastern sweden. I like to ski, skateboard and bike/walk in the forrest. Also fishing. My favourite colour is blugreen. My favorite food is: 

Mushrooms: Lions mane, chaga, liberty caps

Greens: brussel sprouts, cauliflower

Meat: lamb chops

Fruit: papaya 

Herbs: rosemary, mint, thyme, sage

Wood: Palo santo

Cacti: Yes ;)


I get more neurotic if I eat dates, grains or peanut butter. I have food problems. 


 I got my name because of a bunch a syncronicities (involving for example the consumption of undercooked lamb meet and my golden locks) by a xgames silver medalist. But there was a guy who had taken gold there too who also apporved the name which means that it is still valid! The golden lamb! Ego shining! I am born in the year of the metal dragon though... Gemini!

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Welcome to the Tao Bums.  A wonderful forum to learn, discuss and cultivate.  Below are 3 important sections: Our Rules, The Insult Policy and our 3 Foundations.  Before you join click on [Reveal hidden contents] give them a read. 


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Nice opening post.  Feels like we've know you for awhile.  Welcome :)


 TDB team


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