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Revival of old thread over at RSF re: LHPF

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You’re Ed Ramirez, aren’t you?



May 15, 2013


This is to notify everyone that Ed Ramirez is not connected with Xinyi Meditation. He studied under Master David for only a few months. He barely finished the basic Liuhebafa frame, and has never learned any of its martial applications. We were informed that Ramirez claimed to be close to us, but in fact we do not know him. Most of us have met him only once, many do not even know he exists.

Ramirez never learned any YiQuan or power practice from Xinyi Meditation. If he had learned YiQuan from us, he would not have needed a TaiChi expert to conduct FaJin seminars for him.

Here are some partial copies of his e-mails:

1) Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 1:36 PM from [email protected]… “I alone – and not David Chan – am the first authentic Liuhebafa practitioner in this country by virtue of the traditional rites accorded to me by the disciples of Chan Yik Yan.”

2) June 20, 2008 from [email protected]… “Master Peter from Hongkong came over to the Philippines and decided to take me as his student. He taught me his style called waterboxing and his form, which is the same one as Liuhebafa. But he focused on the nine-joints training which links all of the joints, without which you would need another style such as Yiquan to generate power.”


January 2, 2014

Hi Ed, as per our discussion regarding your request to remove this article, here is our decision:

1) This article about your non-affiliation with us, only strengthens your admission: “I have not claimed to be close to anyone in your group nor do I plan to make any claims…”
2) You have exising online article’s claiming that you are a student/disciple of our teacher, master David Chan.
3) We have been contacted by people claiming to be indirect disciples of our teacher through you, because you told them that you are a disciple of our teacher.
4) You advertised online and through email that you teach YiQuan, and your students can master it in 3 years, but you yourself did not even go through the same 3 year program/curriculum that you claim you can teach.
5) You claim to be a Xingyi expert, again through online advertisements and emails.
6) You claim to ba a BaGua teacher, again via online ads and emails.
7) You claim to be a Tai Chi push hands expert.
8) … the list goes on and on Ed.
Based on all the facts stated above, we believe that you are an impostor of many internal/external/health/mind arts. Therefore we will not remove this article about you having no affiliation with Xinyi Meditation and Master David Chan.
We want everyone who reads this article to be aware that you are an impostor of many styles including ours, and hopefully they realize that you are also misrepresenting them.


Edited by Earl Grey
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