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Lord Josh Allen

The Taoist Sorcerer Zuo Ci

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A lot of you know about Lao Tze, Master Chuang, Zhang Jiao, Zhuge Liang, etc. Here I have a much lesser-known Taoist figure that doesn’t get the exposure he deserves. The powerful sorcerer Zuo Ci, courtesy name Yuanfang, otherwise known as Master Black Horn. He was a master of Fenshen multi-location, divination and Neidan. He was well educated in Confucian literature and astrology. People say he could live for extremely long periods without eating and he supposedly lived to the incredible age of 300. Master Black Horn was an expert who knew how to “Contract The Land” this ancient Taoist spell allows the mystic to grow, expand, shrink and contract landscapes in order to travel long distances in only a few small steps. In the historical novel, Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Zuo learned his arts from a book called "The Book of Concealing Method" of three volumes, consisting of "Concealing Man, Concealing Earth, and Concealing Heaven" He also studied on Mount Emei. 


Zuo Ci became somewhat well known after he went to visit Cao Cao of the Wei kingdom. It was said that even Cao had an interest in the Taoist arts of longevity. The Wei warlord granted Zuo Ci a pension to practice his magick in the imperial court. Whilst in the court, Zuo performed a variety of spells. He caught an exotic fish from an empty copper pan and teleported to far distant places to bring back ginger used for cooking. Cao Cao and Zuo had a feud which resulted in many arcane tricks, Zuo walked through walls to escape the Wei army, he shapeshifter into a goat, he duplicated himself into many copies before finally retiring from the world to live in the mountains. Zuo Ci was a student of the Taoist Feng Heng and he eventually passed down his knowledge to the famed Ge Xuan. I go into much more detail in my video. An incredible individual who has always fascinated me. 


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