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repost, sorry if im spamming.  but i cant imagine the mods not seeing my post for a month. trying to see if i did something wrong that made my first post get overlooked,.  i did not post it in the newcomer section because it doesnt allow me to start a topic there for some reason,   only in the welcome section i have a start new topic bar available



Hi people,


i mainly came over to this forum out of desperation and worry,  i dont practice qigong.   But im having some issues im trying to resolve as a result of a hypnotherapy session gone bad.


and i dont really know where else to ask.   il just post my question and hope somebody can provide some insight  advice or help.

from what i understand daoists work with the nervous system among other things. and i  think this may have meesed up my energetics or nervous system.



i went to a hypnotherapist,  

i was led  into trance and guided through  a hypnotic timeline process,   basicly in short    i was asked to use a childhood memory to access a feeling state and then amplify that via techniques ,   and also summon an extra feeling state. 

i was then asked  to be transported  to the moment of my birth  infuse my entire timeline with those feelings.   
it uses a symbolic  visualisation of a  timeline.   to walk that state/energy forwards  from the moment of birth  into  to the present moment.  
the timeline starting at my moment of birth.  has tiles on it   that would represent all my life experiences  and every  tile i stepped on would enfuse with this energy.   and run over ithe tiles all the way to the present.

the problem is the feeling / state / energy   used   is not a good state and my body doesnt respond well to it, . so i basicly wired in something very bad.

it kept filling my body many times a day and i couldnt stop it..   

it made me   sick for  weeks.   and its still borthering me alot.   and i have no idea how to undo it,  im also worying about what its doing to my body

its gotten less in intensity thankfully.



i dont know what to make of it,

im  worried that i changed my nervous system somehow altered the way it normally sends electricity or something.  it seems to be colliding. 

normally when you access a state inside your body it just activates in your entire body.  but here its different it starts and then slowly moves through my nerves.    i never had an experience of something starting locally in my body and then slowly filling me up. 




the  energy - the state  seemed to be coming from a place outside my body  and entering in my body at the back of my upperlegs where it burns,   and then very slowly  moves downwards to my ankles, then going under my footsoles where it burns alot,  and  moving up again on the front of my legs,  moving into my stomach era where it  began filling me up making me sick and gives me stomach cramps, slowly filling my body   and then basicly up towards my solar plexus.


-it may not come from outside my body at all and instead just be programmed in a certain area of my body and not the rest,.

during the hypnosis process when i was engaging with  the energetic state  - my back of neck era,   back of spine area, and what felt like the nerves and muscles of the back of my legs  were heavility tensing and deeply untensing  - so permaps it got  programmed  in at those points because those ereas were very active and may have become the focus point. 
so maybe instead of coming from outside my body it just starts somewhere there.


its gotten alot less in intensity so i cant feel it that well anymore.   i just feel the cramps in my stomach,  sick feeling.    burning in my footsoles.  cold although no longer icecube ice cold.  just cold  mixed with some warm sometimes.  lighter left arm


i always tought energy was supposed to move upwards? this clearly moves down at the back  and it seems to be fighting with how my nervous system normally would work.        besides the burning i would also  get twitching and spasming  of muscles. all kinds of weird nerve sensations  beyond the burning.

my body feels constantly cold  or coldish but   every now and then it temporarily stops and then the sort of bad  energy i feel moving up through my stomach to my solar plexus  - to my face  i feel going down.  warmth begins moving up the back of  my body and spine  again and over my scalp , and most turns really  warm again.
the sensations in my back legs disappear, and the burning in my footsoles returns to normal.  


it also starts when my penis get stimulated,  in the beginning my orgasm was very drasticly  changed by it,  getting stimulated also activates it.

-  it created a sense  of massless ness when it just began, feeling super   light weightless.   but thats mostly gone now  - i think that was maybe  caused by me trying to block it constantly and my nervous system acting up in responce getting over stimulated, though i still feel a bit  lighter.  and i still get a massless left arm alot. 
-i kept getting hot and icecold -    in the beginning i felt my nerves get crazy burning hot for  periods of times in different areas.  and then  it would get icecold.



sorry for the messy post t i didnt  really know ehow to write this or even what to ask exactly.


is there anybody that has an idea? advice? anything really?   this has been gonig on since november - and althrough not as radical as in the beginning, it doesnt seem to be stopping it impairs my functioning  and quite frankly im really worried about it creating sickness in my body. and i dont know how to fix this,  what if it permanently screwed up my bodys working  these are the kind of things im tihnking. 


thanks for your time,


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Welcome, hoping the worst of the problem has resolved by now.  We have a healing section but as always on the internet, advice comes in good bad & ugly varieties.  Its hard to be energy sensitive.

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