Terry Dunn's Flying Phoenix

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Hello fellow Dao Bums, excited to be here. I have been reading the forum for a couple of years now, but this is the first time officially joining in to participate in discussions to inspire myself to deepen my practices further, and ask a couple of questions. I am considering buying the first 2 DVDs of Terry Dunn's Flying Phoenix as I feel a strong pull towards exploring it and see if it's a good fit.


I do not have access to the "Flying Phoenix Chi Kung" forum section on here though. Could someone please grant me access to it? It seems that Terence is active in responding questions and guidance on this particular path, in the forum and I would love to contact him and/or ask some questions regarding this practice in the forum. All feedback on this practice from any of you would be much appreciated as well.


My main interest/passion/calling is Self-awakening inner alchemy, independently of the tradition/culture it comes from, as I deeply revere the root, the pathless path inside all paths, the inevitable "turning the light within" from human concepts to the direct realization of the feeling-knowing  of what Is. With this in mind/heart, I follow each calling of the Soul with absolute devotion, and something tell me that this practice will be of great benefit, but not entirely sure yet. I would love to feel it out by hearing from anyone that was deeply moved and transformed by Flying Phoenix.


Thank you!

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