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Crazy humans

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At the moment I am staying near Trial Bay at  Arakoon . It was an old gaol there




you can walk around inside and look in the cells




It was built for WWI  Aussie  POWs .... the rare one that didnt want to war for 'God King and Country' but mostly Aussies that where not allowed to go to war - they where denied the  ' honour ' . One, for example, was 'interred' because his grandparents  where German !


Some cells are set up as where, with dummies or pictures, with the prisoners history available to read




But after a while, the authorities realised they where not going to run away, even if they got out, where would they go ? It was the only thing around in that area back then and entirely serviced by sea .  So they started to let them out for walks ....   along the rocks



'Mermaid Pools' SW Rocks


through the rainforest to the beaches





and around to SW Rocks via the beach




and while you are out there ... see if you can find any fresh food  ... everyone is sick of these God damn  naval rations !


So, while our good and loyal citizens, where doing proud for their country, invading Turkey  and failing, dying on the beach, or elsewhere living for months in trenches bombed by artillery and amongst their own shit and dead.


These (genetically) suspicious Aussies and pacifists where shamed by not being trusted and allowed to go and fight  'for their country' , instead they got punished by being interred at  Trial Bay .....    wallowing in Mermaid Pools, bush walking,  swimming and fishing and having fish, oysters and lobster for dinner .


That'll learn them !




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