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Decay and Reconstruction

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A painting is starting to decay even before it is hung on the wall, bread is decaying even before it arrives at the table.
This is time and entropy, flowing out of the source, everything is flowing and disintegrating.
Everything is corrupt, it is corrupt before it leaves the oven.
Therefore we must always work to reconstruct the original ... we see the water flowing downstream and we follow it to the source.  We reconstruct through our effort the original.

And it is always like this, there are no free lunches.
Time and decay force everyone to do that work to reconstruct in themselves the original, the source.
To discover once again the truth.

These skills are as much the path as the source is.

Another way of saying it is that it is easy to criticise, but are you able to find the original meaning and follow it ?
If you are able to find problems, are you able to solve problems ?

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Cooking does not happen only in the oven. 

There is firing in the oven, but then another process happens outside.

Like with the child, development happens before birth, another development outside.

Life is wise enough to use multiple environment to complete its creations.

Some development only a few being go through and requires special environments.

Day and night are two environments, the alternation of which creates growth.

Life to life incarnation to incarnation, in the womb and outside of it.

Fusing together, and melting back down, folding and unfolding, scorching and wilting.

At the beginning it is an automated process but as the thing-in-itself becomes more alive it pushes with the process, or it pushes against the process, lending its conscious weight to increase the speed of firing.

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